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Hello, fellow helpers!  


You have been so dedicated to complete graduate school and now you are preparing to take the next steps towards licensure. You may be ready to submit your application for your registered internship-CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting time for you... no more classes, research papers or tests. Now you have earned the opportunity to implement the clinical skills you acquired during your program! You have come a long way; however, you might feel overwhelmed with how to proceed in selecting a Qualified Supervisor that will guide you through your post graduate supervision hours.  


If you have been referred to me or found me via Google search as a potential Qualified Supervisor option, please understand that I maintain this role with reverence and profound understanding of it’s impact in developing your identity as a clinician. My approach within this dynamic is collaborative, by integrating various clinical supervision models that will contribute to you feeling equipped and empowered to utilize all of that graduate school preparation into refining your clinical skill set. I also extend mutual respect and gratitude to fellow helpers, who are looking to gain knowledge and experience by selecting me to enhance their professional development.  

I offer Individual and Group Supervision. One important consideration to remember is that individual supervision is defined as one qualified supervisor supervising no more than two (2) interns and group supervision is defined as one qualified supervisor supervising more than 2 but a maximum of 6 interns in the group. 

*since 2 people are less are considered individual supervision, feel free to grab a colleague and share the cost!


*please refer to your appropriate board for more/up to date information

If you determine that we are not a good match for you to navigate the supervision process, here are a couple of avenues you can explore:

  • The Florida Board of Mental Health will provide an official list of qualified supervisors.  

  • Meet Your Supervisor, an online directory created by Dr. Maria Martinez-Salazar.

  • Ask your graduate program if they have any connections to network a potential referral.


"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."
- Fred Rogers

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