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Where art & science are handcrafted into every session & empower transformation.

Mental Health

Counseling & Consulting

with Rachel Camilo Harris


Meet Rachel

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL)

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (CA)

Why “handcrafted”? I believe there is both an art and science to therapy, which means that both evidence based practices and creativity-and perhaps even a bit of mystery, are required for revolutionary transformation. You may be seeking therapy to address a specific trauma you/your child have experienced, or perhaps there have been a series of events that deserve some attention, but you're not sure where to begin. Please know that I admire your courage to pursue professional support to enhance your quality of life; therefore, your experience deserves to be handcrafted to specifically to address your unique experiences and goals through traditional weekly therapy format or explore if therapy intensives might be more in alignment of you/your child's needs.


I specialize in childhood trauma, whether we are engaging in retroactive work to heal the inner child as an adult, or processing concurrent circumstances with a child or adolescent. The foundational tenet of my practice is trauma-informed and my therapeutic approach is authentic, curious and non-judgmental. I bring compassion and energy to meet each of you exactly where you are in your journey. I also enjoy incorporating creativity and humor when appropriate. 


My own story and spirituality inspire me to engage in this work; however, it is important to understand that I do not impose my personal beliefs, as I pride myself on professional boundaries and ethics. I am available to incorporate Christian counseling (or how you experience God), if you are seeking this type of approach. I am a woman of color (Latina) and I also pride myself on curating a safe space for issues surrounding racial trauma to be discussed. I am available for speaking engagements, trainings and webinars, and podcasts.


If what you’re reading so far resonates with you, please click the button below to determine if a trauma-informed approach with me could potentially be a good fit for you.

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Therapeutic    Specialties

Working with Survivors of Abuse 

Anxiety & Depression

Attachment Issues, Family Conflict & Blended Families

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Children & Teenagers

Other Various Forms of Trauma

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

                                  -James Baldwin


The journey towards healing & growth begins with courage & self-compassion. Begin your journey today.


“I’ve worked with various experienced therapists, but I have to say I think I’ve enjoyed working with Rachel the most. I feel like she’s really focused on listening to me and helping me during our sessions, and she truly cares about my improvement! I was a bit skeptical/hesitant about starting EMDR (a process Rachel recommended we try), and even though we just started it recently, I’ve already realized how beneficial it is and will be. I’m really excited to continue working with a therapist who truly cares about my growth!"

- J.U.

“Just celebrated a year with Rachel! I am so happy I chose to invest in myself and do the work I didn't know I needed. I appreciate Rachel for being a part of my journey. Her expertise and resources have worked wonders for me. I can see the growth in myself and have healed in some areas of my life. I appreciate her honesty and patience with me. She is a real one and I am so happy to continue to work with her.”

- F.E.

“Rachel has been and is instrumental in my healing journey through grief. Her expertise, patience and interpersonal skills have helped me to open up and share my experiences with her in order to move forward in life after loss.”

- M.E.

“Rachel introduced me to EMDR therapy that was really effective and allowed me to discover my own connections to my issues at a core level. She guided me safely and effectively to understand the root cause of my issues and then to develop tools to use when needed. I feel empowered and capable of coping with the challenges that have always tripped me up and have found grace and love for myself that has strengthened me. I feel confident and capable of not just coping with life's challenges but thriving with the tools Rachel has helped me develop. She has truly been a blessing!"

- C.O.

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel throughout her extensive training process in EMDR Therapy. Rachel’s commitment to learning this model was remarkable — as was her enthusiasm for guiding each client along the most direct path toward reaching their unique therapeutic goals.  I remain impressed by Rachel's willingness to stay on the cutting edge of evidence-based practice.It’s clear that she is committed to treating trauma, anxiety, and other concerns with the most powerful approaches possible. The investment in continued learning is an investment in her clients!


-Claire Mauer,


EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Trainer & Consultant

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