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Client Testimonials

“I’ve worked with various experienced therapists, but I have to say I think I’ve enjoyed working with Rachel the most. I feel like she’s really focused on listening to me and helping me during our sessions, and she truly cares about my improvement! I was a bit skeptical/hesitant about starting EMDR (a process Rachel recommended we try), and even though we just started it recently, I’ve already realized how beneficial it is and will be. I’m really excited to continue working with a therapist who truly cares about my growth!"

- J.U.

“Just celebrated a year with Rachel! I am so happy I chose to invest in myself and do the work I didn't know I needed. I appreciate Rachel for being a part of my journey. Her expertise and resources have worked wonders for me. I can see the growth in myself and have healed in some areas of my life. I appreciate her honesty and patience with me. She is a real one and I am so happy to continue to work with her.”

- F.E.

“Rachel has been and is instrumental in my healing journey through grief. Her expertise, patience and interpersonal skills have helped me to open up and share my experiences with her in order to move forward in life after loss.”

- M.E.

“Rachel introduced me to EMDR therapy that was really effective and allowed me to discover my own connections to my issues at a core level. She guided me safely and effectively to understand the root cause of my issues and then to develop tools to use when needed. I feel empowered and capable of coping with the challenges that have always tripped me up and have found grace and love for myself that has strengthened me. I feel confident and capable of not just coping with life's challenges but thriving with the tools Rachel has helped me develop. She has truly been a blessing!"

- C.O.

Colleague Testimonials

“Rachel is one of the most passionate, caring and creative therapists I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to work with Rachel at The Healing Tree with Orlando Health where we worked with survivors of physical and sexual abuse and their families. Rachel is very committed to her clients and works towards having the best possible training and education to better serve her clients. Rachel will treat you like family and you can be sure that she will make it her mission to help you through your healing journey. Rachel is organized, friendly, charismatic and hardworking. Rachel’s is one of those individuals and therapists who actually make the world a better place. She is not afraid to use her voice and she is not only a mental health advocate but also a human’s rights advocate. Advocating for the human race and for those in need is in Rachel’s nature. Her admirable faith in God keeps her strong and has helped her become a justice seeker."

Lourdes Canovas, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & EMDR Therapist
Aspen Counseling Orlando

More Coming Soon!

More Coming Soon!

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