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Therapy Intensives

handcrafted healing through therapy intensives

Curious if there's a way to fast-track your healing? Do you sense you’re close to a break through, but feel like the standard therapy hour doesn’t afford you the time to get there? Feel stuck in your current therapy journey or want to dig deeper to experience transformation? Or do you want to experience connection with a loved one without the commitment of weekly therapy? Well, this cutting-edge approach through therapy intensives do just that!


Therapy intensives provide you with targeted, focused support of uninterrupted sessions over several hours or even days. This is revolutionizing the healing and growth process with proven results to reduce the time in the therapy room and increase an enriched everyday life.

Although there are many benefits to the traditional therapy model, it can also be very limiting to the pace of healing due to the timelapse interruption week to week. If you're curious about exploring alternatives to the traditional weekly therapy model, then investing in a therapy intensive might be more aligned with what you're looking for, as they accelerate the healing process in a concentrated time and space. 


There are many reasons why intensives might be a better fit for where you're at on your journey.  It offers the opportunity to unleash breakthroughs for rapid results.  This could reduce the length of time you're in therapy, which could also reduce the price you pay for therapy overall.  This could increase the rate in which you experience healing, clarity and freedom in the here and now.

This concentrated format allows us to directly target the root of the challenges you and/or your loved one are experiencing in order to quickly provide you with the resources needed to overcome them.

For existing clients, this is an excellent way to supplement the dedication you have already invested. For new clients, 

this is a way to expedite the healing process without months of talk therapy first. 



Who may benefit from a therapy intensive?

  • Children & Teens working through hard things
    or painful experiences.

  • Adults with complex trauma or other longstanding issues.

  • Parents/Caregivers supporting their children.

  • Partnerships or marriages in need of deeper connection.

  • People with limited schedules for weekly appointments, but highly motivated to do the work!


What types of intensives are offered?  

I offer 1 and 2 day intensive packages, both in person and online. These intensives are designed to address issues such as:

  • Physical Abuse or Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Abuse or Assault

  • Divorce & separation

  • Repairing parent/child or sibling relationships

  • Restoring or rebuilding intimacy in marriages/partnerships

  • Birth trauma: medical, loss or adoption

  • & more-just ask! :)


There are a few ways that I offer to structure therapy intensives.  As with traditional therapy format, intensives are handcrafted to meet the clients individual or familial needs. The type, length and the number of days of the intensive (+ travel considerations) determine the pricing of the intensive, as well as supplemental materials. The pricing of the intensive reflects the concentrated work and rapid results.  

Due to the format of this therapy, this investment is paid out of pocket and not eligible to be covered or reimbursed by insurance. 

program format options:



1 Day Individual Intensive: 8 hour program

6 face-to-face hours 

Additional hours include: resources, assessments,

& personalized treatment workbook

 starting @ $1920

1 Day Couple/Family Intensive: 8 hour program

6 face-to-face hrs 

Additional hours include: resources, assessments,

& personalized treatment workbook
 starting @ $2400 





2 Day Individual Intensive : 11 hour program

9 face-to-face hours

Additional hours include: resources, assessments,

& personalized treatment workbook

starting @ $2640

2 Day Couple/Family Intensive : 11 hour program

9 face-to-face hours

Additional hours include: resources, assessments,

& personalized treatment workbook

starting @ $3300

Additional Considerations:

  • Individual v. Couple/Family intensives

  • Therapist traveling to location in community would accrue additional cost

what's included?


A 90-minute session with each person participating in the intensive to determine the goals of the intensive in order to prepare for the experience. 

(For established clients, than can be accomplished in the the context of a typical therapy session).


The workbook includes assessments and activities to prepare for the Intensive. The workbook allows you keep a record of progress on your treatment goals before, during, and after our sessions.


The therapy intensive sessions take place at the office in Lake Mary, FL, or virtually, and in certain instances can be provided in home. They are scheduled for 1-2 days for 3-4 hours each day.


A 90-minute session to debrief the experience and reflect on areas of insight, relief, and transformation. We also discuss your next steps for continued growth and healing.

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